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5 Amazing Tactics to Grow on Medium (in 30 days)

100% Results

How to get followers on Medium

ou want actual growth or the fake one???

Decide it!

If you want fake growth, just go with “Follow for Follow strategy”.

Oh, You are interested in the actual growth?

I appreciate you then.

If you do not know what exactly is the actual growth?

Here’s my answer for you —

Actual growth means you grow organically on a platform. You do not fall in traps of people. You do not run after shortcuts. You achieve everything on your own. That’s it. Simple, right?

If you are upset because you are not seeing results, now it is time to smile :)

I have Top 5 Medium Tactics for Growth for You

Follow Writers of Your Niche

When I ask you to follow other writers, I do not approve following anyone blindly. Follow those writers whose content make you better. When they are from the same niche as yours, you actually learn something from them.

Note: Do not sleep for infinite days after following writers. Appreciate their write-ups if you get valuable information from them.

Read 5 Medium Stories a Day.

I agree that we do not have much time to read 20–30 stories on daily basis. Even if you try to do so, you won’t enjoy reading so much content. Plus, you won’t be able to remember everything.

Instead, read 5 stories. Read less but with attention. If you like the stories you read, leave a sweet comment for the writer.

If you have more/less time to read on any day, just increase/decrease as per your wish.

Brainstorm and Outline Writing Ideas on Weekends

Do not publish any story on weekends. Spend that time in self-analysis and content planning. Whatever you want to do in the week, plan it on Sundays.

Content for LinkedIn Posts? Ideate + write on weekends.

Content for Medium? Ideate + outline the topics on Sundays.

This will give you extra time on weekdays in which you can enjoy or deal with unplanned things or events.

Decide Time

Do not post randomly on any platform. Have a fixed time to publish. If you have a separate and fixed time to publish your stories on Medium, your active readers will know it and will give your article some initial growth which will help Medium promote it more.

Moreover, you do not need to publish every single day to see growth. If you have a full-time job or any other work which you can not delay, then do not force yourself to hit the publish button daily.

2 times a week? Okay

3 times? Okay

4 times? that is okay too.

5 times? up to you.

Do not take work load and give yourself stress, publish as per your wish. Just be happy :)

Be Consistent

No matter how much content you have, how many tricks you have, if you are not consistent, it is over.

If you are thinking publishing 2 times or 3 times a week, is consistent or not, let me tell you.

It is consistent. When I said 2–3–4–5 times publishing is okay, I wanted to put you at ease. Publishing everyday is good but it is not the sole method to grow. If you do not get time to do that, just post according to your time. Consistency is the key.

Final Words

If you are determined to consume content regularly and producing content as well, you will surely see results.

Have a positive mindset and be realistic when it comes to success. Do not hope for reaching 1K in a month when you are at 23 followers now.

Unrealistic expectations will break your heart and I do not want that.

Enjoy the process and keep going.

Thanks for reading and take care :)



Top Writer. I write about freelance, writing tips & self-improvement | Unlock your Growth→

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Anamika Sharma

Top Writer. I write about freelance, writing tips & self-improvement | Unlock your Growth→