How I satisfied my first client as a newbie writer.

A month ago, I planned to be a content writer and that too a freelancer. The reason why I chose this field, is that I always had a passion to write and want to write professionally now.

When I was doing my research on how I can be a content writer, every person I contacted said,

“Decide a niche. Build a portfolio then you can work with clients.”

But till now, I have not discovered which niche I should choose and haven’t built my portfolio.

So in this scenario, how did I got my first client?

Who was that person who haven’t asked me about my writing samples?

How was I successful in making that client satisfied?

Well, as a freelancer, I am working for myself. I am still in the research period and have not written much samples to show to anyone. Perhaps my Medium account can act as my online portfolio but I have no established it so nicely that it can bring me my future clients. With all this, any experienced freelancer would say it is impossible to work with any client.

But I made it possible. HOW?

See, a freelancer works on their own and as per their own schedule. When I was perplexed about various things like should I use free resources to learn or to go for paid ones? Should I focus on building my LinkedIn now? but I don’t have any idea how and what to post there regularly. In all this confusion, I analysed myself and asked various questions:

Am I happy and excited to learn or worried about what and from where to learn?

Am I satisfied with myself and my learning process?

When other people are making tonnes of money, Am I doing things right to earn some pennies?

After answering these, I decided to be my first client. YES. It is me. I am my first client. I planned that I am going to do everything I can do to make my this client delighted by my work and not stressed, thinking whether I can do it or not.

I made a plan to fix my sleep cycle(which I failed the very first day lmao because I am a sleepyhead) and my writing cycle. I made a calendar where I mentioned that I am going to write daily. No matter how boring my idea is, but I will hit that publish button daily in order to train my body and mind that this is how I will work as a content writer lately. I will not use phone in my writing time. I will first learn from free courses. Once I’ll help some clients and get more experience, only then I will get a paid one if I feel I need.

All in all, I redesigned my writing life. I showed this calendar to my client (which is me) and she approved. Yay! She smiled and had signs of satisfaction on her face. She said that she loved it and now she look forward to see positive changes in me. Also, she asked for a treat when I will get my next client. I said,

“Yes, that day will come soon”.

But why did I posted this on Medium? What does I have for you in this story?

Actually, when we start working alone and especially when we live at home with our family, it becomes difficult to make consistent efforts. Many times we find ourselves procrastinating and watching reels on Instagram that wastes some precious hours of our day. This happens with most of us Right? Don’t worry. I am also in the same boat.

So when you face this issue, think of my first client and how happy she is now, even on the first day of my work with her(which is today).

Get that client for you and prove her that she should be lucky to get a chance to work with you. Make your calendar. Plan things. Execute them. Figure out the weak points. Mend them. Make improvements and learn consistently. When you find yourself more productive, thank her. Treat her with a cup of cappuccino. Be proud of yourself.

If you do this, you can definitely push yourself more toward becoming the person you want to be. Live a satisfying life without stressing out just because you failed to work today. Relax your mind and think that your client gave you a day off to get more work done for you tomorrow. :)

P.s. Rather than blaming yourself or others, find solutions and think about how you can deal with that situation.

Thank you for reading.

~ Anamika Sharma

If you find this article useful or have any queries, let me be your next client in the comment section :))



Top Writer. I write about freelance, writing tips & self-improvement | Unlock your Growth→

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Anamika Sharma

Top Writer. I write about freelance, writing tips & self-improvement | Unlock your Growth→