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How To Get An Engaging Audience On Medium Easily?

100% authentic insights to get engaging audience on Medium.

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You are a Medium writer and aren’t getting results?

I feel your pain. I was there too.

We are a community on the platform, thus I am here to be your helping hand.

By the end of this article, you will learn the top 3 tips to get engagement on your write-ups, hence better read ratio. Let’s get started.

Do not fall for the “Follow for Follow strategy”.

Are you the one who is trapped in the follow for follow strategy?

If you are, no worries.

I am not going to blame you for this. This tip is something that many top writers on Medium tell you when you are a beginner.

To enter into Medium Partner Program, you fall for this tip and don’t realize how bad it is for you.

You are getting followers but they are actually dead audience.

Bitter truth: They are not interested in you and your content.

It doesn’t matter how many followers you have (10k or 27), if they are not your readers, I can not count them as your audience.

Anamika, you told us about the pain point, What about the solution?

I would highly suggest you to stop following others just to get followers for yourself. Have patience. Let people recognize you by your stories and you will get an active audience who will become your followers as well.

Support other writers.

Understand this point with the Perks of engaging with others:

  1. People get to know that you exist.
  2. You build a strong network — which will help you dramatically when you launch your product.
  3. You can get high-paying clients (or full-time job?)
  4. You will become a part of the community and will see a huge impact on your personality, writing etc.

All this adds to your social proof and eventually in your personal branding.


Suppose you are a newbie writer and have not worked for any business or client yet (equals no testimonials). In your portfolio, you have your samples, services and pricing.

But they ask you about testimonials?

Oh no! Are you about to lose your first client?

Good news — You won’t.

You can simply show them the comment section under your posts and tell them like this :

Hey [name],

I am glad that you asked me about testimonials. This shows that you are actually interested in working together.

Honestly, I do not have any testimonials. But these are the results that I got for myself, treating myself as my client and implementing my strategies. (Attach 5–7 screenshots of comments)

These are only a few and if you want to see more, feel free to go through my Medium account. (provide link)

I believe my skills won’t disappoint you.


Your name

P.S. Work on contracts please.

Consistency is the key.

Last, but not the least. It may seem boring to read again and again. But it is one of the most important tip to grow.

You can not aim for good results if you are not showing your presence to your audience.

If you are not habitual of writing, challenge yourself and post for 7 days straight. If you succeed, treat yourself and then move to write for the next 7 days.

If you miss any day, compensate by publishing twice the next day. If you think, good or experienced writers never fail in their challenge. Let me tell you about someone.

It is none other than me. Yes, I did not post any story yesterday. Why? I got slightly injured. So, my 30 days challenge of writing daily except on Sundays (although I have published on the last Sundays), became a failure yesterday.

But am I feeling upset?

Nope. I agree that I did not do it deliberately. But rules are rules. So, this time, I am more motivated to be consistent.

Why I told you this?

Because it’s completely fine if you miss any day. Just make sure to me more motivated after that.

By Author

Final words

Define your goals. Define your targeted audience.

Engage with writers in the same niche. Walk on your own path, not the even that is created by those top writers/influencers.

Be consistent and you will definitely get results.

Thanks for reading and take care.



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