QuillBot: One of the best tools for Writers (Must Try)

This is much better than Grammarly!

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Many writers do make silly mistakes in their content which make them lose their clients.

Yes, you read that right. Senior as well as newbie writers all are in the same boat as you and me. We make mistakes. In order to avoid that, we need tools. Tools to make our work easier and faster. When I said tools, you might be thinking of Grammarly, ProWritingAid, or some other tool.

But today, I am here to introduce you to my favorite tool which is QuillBot.

By the end of this article, you will know why I called it “my favorite”. Perhaps it will become yours as well.

What is QuillBot?

QuillBot is an AI tool that helps in writing better. It was founded in 2017 by Rohit Gupta, Anil Jason, and David Silin.

Initially, it was a paraphrasing tool but many new features have been added to it over time.

Now, It has everything a writer needs for creating scroll-stopping content.

What can you do with QuillBot?

QuillBot offers a variety of features for writers. You can use it for the following tasks —

Paraphrasing: QuillBot works wonderfully in paraphrasing the sentences or paragraphs that you put. Not only this, it has the feature to rephrase the same content multiple times.

So, you can click the Rephrase button as much as you want until you are satisfied.

The words in red have got synonyms when you click on them. You can rephrase the words in blue highlight again within the rephrased version of the text.

Grammar Check: You and I are humans before writers.

Many times we publish our posts and later on, see that we have made mistakes in some places. Sometimes we can correct them, sometimes we can’t.

In such situations, QuillBot becomes our true friend. It will notify you of the mistakes you have in your content and will fix them as well. This is super useful for beginner writers who worry about poor grammar.

Plagiarism Check: A writer has to produce 100% plagiarism-free content for the clients, we all know that. After finishing the writing part, we need to see if it has some sort of plagiarism or not.

Here, QuillBot comes in handy. You can simply paste your content in the Plagiarism check section and it will show you if it is unique or not. It will also show you the website from where the content is similar on the right-hand side. Amazing, right?

Co-Writing: QuillBot can act as a co-writer as well. In case, you did not understand, let me help you.

When you have to create a post and do some research before writing, you open a new tab for doing the research part. But with QuillBot, you do not have to do that. You can simply open Co-writer inside QuillBot and start writing.

Here, you can paraphrase, summarize, get text suggestions, do research and see the word count, etc. Everything is in ONE place. You can even take notes on the same screen without opening anything else.

Summarizing: You can use QuillBot to summarize the content. It is another powerful feature that you can use to get the key points out of your articles or documents.

Citation Generator: If you are writing non-fiction and you need to cite the sources, you can do that with QuillBot. You just have to provide it with some details. It will churn out the citation as per your need.

Other QuillBot Features that I love —

  1. It is easy to use. Everything appears to be right in front of you. So, you can easily access it.
  2. Along with the light mode, it has a dark mode as well that you can enable anytime you want.
  3. The free version is also amazing. But for features like paraphrasing unlimited words and plagiarism checker, you will be asked to upgrade to the premium version.
  4. It has Chrome as well as Word extension available.
  5. Beginners who aren’t familiar with smart keys like copy, paste, etc. can easily learn them from the Hotkeys section available on QuillBot.
  6. While paraphrasing, you can choose between various modes such as formal, creative, simple and many more.
  7. You can select the accent in which you write and it will show you results in the same accent.

What do I not Like about QuillBot?

This AI Tool shows errors in capitalizing the first letter of the sentence and the names of some organizations, full forms, etc. which sometimes becomes irritating.

But the good thing is that it doesn’t automatically change them. Only you can make changes. It will just show suggestions.

QuillBot vs Grammarly — My experience

I have tried both tools: QuillBot and Grammarly.

But I felt that QuillBot wins by providing multiple features in a single place. Even the free version of QuillBot is better than that of Grammarly. I felt Grammarly is overrated.

Therefore, if I had to pick one, I would definitely go with QuillBot.

Should You upgrade to the Premium Version?

Yes. You should.

The free version of QuillBot works well and you can use it, in the beginning, to build trust in the tool. But I would personally suggest you to get the premium version as it is so helpful in taking your writing to a next level. You can even ditch other tools by upgrading to QuillBot Premium and you will not regret it.

Author’s screenshot

QuillBot offers you the following plans :

  • Monthly plan of $9.95 USD
  • Semi-Annual or 6-month plan of $39.95 USD or $6.66 USD per month(33% Discount)
  • Annual plan of $49.95 USD or $4.17 USD in which you get a HUGE DISCOUNT OF 58%

Final Words

QuillBot is a must-have tool for you. You can become a better writer by using the wonderful features of QuillBot.

You get everything you need in one place. Isn’t it amazing?

Thanks for reading and take care :)



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