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Stop Working With these Clients If You Want to Grow

Red flags in clients explained

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There are two types of clients:

One — Clients who give you positive energy to move ahead.

Two — People who can destroy your morale and can make you give up your dream.

Do not underestimate the second type.

So, what to do to only get the best for you?

Simple. Filter your prospects.

If you are confused thinking how you can do that, just read ahead and you will know the common traits of bad clients.

They are Clueless

Prospects who are clueless about what they want to achieve, how your work is going to help them are full of red flags.


They might be beginners who have no idea about their targeted audience and thus, they do not have any objective of why they are hiring you.

In that case, they will expect you to do everything for them by explaining the details.

Beginner?- Start at Low Price

Another red flag in some clients is that they expect you to work at a lower price just because you are a newbie.

For them, your skill set does not matter at all.

“You can not deal with big projects. You can not ask for a good pay rate” — This is their mentality. Therefore, stay away from them.

They have Unrealistic Expectations

Many people who does not have a clear picture about their business will behave like this:

I want to be famous in a month.

I want to have viral reels on my Instagram with more than 15K views each.

I want to get 50K views on my guest posts. (when they are actually now at 500 views)

To elaborate how unrealistic these statements are, let me take the second one.

Imagine you are a social media manager.

You’ve got an account to handle which has 1,000 followers but engagement is low (about 134 likes on a post). To grow the account, you will try various strategies and notice which one works for his account.

After that, you will make steady but consistent growth by improving the engagement rate and finally, the followers.

If your client directly ask you to get 3589+ followers in a day, you would clearly say it is impossible unless you buy followers.

If you reject such offers, you are directly reducing your work stress.

Be Available 24/7

When you agree to work for a prospect and convert him into a client, he has the right to call you. But not at unexpected times.

They can ask for updates, give suggestions or improvements, however, they can not interrupt you while working.

Now you will think, how will I know when will my client call me in advance? How can I know who to accept or reject based on this point?

No, you can not predict that.

All you need to do is to make everything clear in your contract.

You can ask him like this before closing the deal:

Hey [name]

I am excited to work with you. I just have one thing to clarify.

I appreciate you as my client, but I have a fixed time where you can call me.

After or before that, if you place a call to check and inquire about work in detail, I apologize in advance but I can not ensure I will answer such calls.

In any urgency, I am fine with short calls of 2–3 minutes.

I hope you understand. If you agree with this, we can take it further.


Your name

If he still disturbs you a lot when working, you can choose to not work for him.

Get Exposure

Clients who want you to write for free for exposure are a big no-no.

They will say, “Since you are a beginner in this field, you will need testimonials to show to your future clients. He will offer you a testimonial if you agree to work for FREE or a very low price. This will help you in getting high-paying clients in near future.”


Avoid working with clients who have these red flags.

Trust me, you are helping yourself immensely if you reject them.

What about good clients?

Good clients are totally opposite of such clients. Good people are in every industry. Some will allow you to explore and experiment. Some will become a part of your network and will refer you to other people. Some will advice you how to make improvements and much more.

Reach out to those prospects and give your 100%.

Image Source: Yanalya on Freepik

Final Words

When you step into a industry, there are many people who will try to take advantage of you. But there are also people who do justice to professionalism.

Learn to filter clients. If you have worked with any client who had red flags or if you work with any, by any chance, remember to trust yourself and the process. That task will end soon and then, choose better ones.

Thanks for reading and take care.



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