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Why are You not Growing as a Writer? (With Solutions)

Pain Points and Cure Explained — Everything for you as a Content Writer.

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We, all are writers on medium. Each of us started from scratch (0 followers). Some climbed the stairs really fast while others are facing issues.

With each reason, I will elaborate its solution as well. So, keep reading.

Reason 1- You do not have Right Mindset

You saw plenty of content writers and copywriters bragging about the money they made after writing articles for various businesses and clients.

You thought, “I also have good writing skills like I can write grammatically correct and logical sentences. I will write from now”

You felt determined to make some money by writing. You probably bought some course of those influencers in which they promised to help you make $5000 in your first month. In this case, you spent a lot without earning a penny.

For you at that point, writing equals money.

But is it the correct mindset to write?

Can you write quality content if you are just chasing money?

Nope. You can not. You should change your mindset and then write. Money comes along, when you write.

If you are loving writing, your skills will improve dramatically. This will close your deal with high-paying clients soon and you will earn handsome amount eventually.

Solution for shifting mindset from Money —

You can ask yourself these questions:

Why am I writing?

Which niche I am most interested in?

Am I copying the writing style of others, just to make money like them?

Take time and analyse everything. You will not find writing boring if you write with a correct mindset. This will help you massively in growing on any platform.

Reason 2- You are Inconsistent

If you are one of those writers who posts on one day and disappears for the whole week or more, then this is why you are not getting results.

If you expect a plant to grow under direct sunlight without a single drop of water, you will only see a dried plant.

Solution —

Show your presence to your audience regularly.

Even if you don’t have any follower, still show up. Without any content, you can not expect a single sign of growth.

If you get difficulty in thinking of ideas,

  1. Go to
  2. Search for the topic you wish to write.

You will find the related questions that people ask on the internet and then you can choose to write on any of them.

No matter how much words you have, just write and hit that publish button consistently.

Reason 3- You do not network with other writers

No matter what the platform is (LinkedIn, Twitter, Medium etc.), if you are just posting and not engaging with other writers, you will not grow.


You may get followers on daily basis after publishing consistently but you can not have an active audience who will support your every article.

You can only clap with two hands, and not one.

Solution —

Those comments under your posts are from writers. If you want them to support you, you should support them too.

I am not saying to just interact with anyone in the name of engagement.

Whatever niche you are interested in, read stories related to it. Show love to the writers in their comment sections because if you are just praising others so that you can get claps and comments from them under your posts. You are more likely to stop doing so after a while. (You will find it boring to do so.)

Network with the people in the same industry, learn from them. execute what you learnt. and eventually you will see results for yourself.

At that time, Don’t forget me :)

Final words

Success or growth does not happen overnight. You need to put some efforts. Do not be in hurry. Enjoy the process too before you reach destination.

If you want my feedback on your write-ups, feel free to comment that below.

I would love to read and reply on your stories.

Take care



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